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Name Simplex Ed Chithyola Banda
district Kasungu
district Kasungu South
Party Malawi Congress Party
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Honourable Simplex Chithyola Banda is the current Minister of Trade and Industry in Malawi since February, 2023. On top of the ministerial portfolio, he is also a current Member of Parliament for Kasungu South Constituency.

Academically, the Minister holds a Master’s Degree in Public Policy & Administration (MSc.PPA); Post Graduate Diploma in Restorative Justice and International Human-rights; and as if that is not enough, he is currently studying Doctorate of Philosophy in Public Policy & Administration to be completed soon.

Prior to his political career, he worked in various public, private, and civil society organisations in Malawi, African region, and more with UN agencies. He has extensive knowledge in a number of disciplines including but not limited to Political Intelligence and Strategy Development as well as Policy Formulation.

He has over twenty years’ working experience in NGO Management promoting Global Partnerships on Pan African Initiatives, Educational Governance, Private and Civil society organizations management (NGOs) and a trained expert on Energy, Climate Change and Carbon Financing under the auspices of United Nations Forum for Climate Change (UNFCC) zeroed in on Clean Development Mechanisms, GCC and Gold Standard Methodologies respectively.

He is a married man with a wife, Jean and they both have 4 Children, Regina (23), Sympathy (17) Dumisan (Simplex) (14) and Fortune (7). He is a devote Christian (sometimes referred to as a Bishop in Christian Circles).

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